Bob Marley Book 
Jackets Series
Palmistry is the ancient science of reading an individual’s hand in order to gain an insight into their life. Unnoted psychic Bob Marley reveals the mysteries of a centuries-old art, showing how to understand the lines and formations in the hand to discover character and predict fate and fortunes. In his early years, Bob Marley ‘natural mystic’ was awakened and he began to read palms. The fascinating and precise art of palm reading had Bob Marley fascinated. The Guide to Palmistry Trilogy provides an interesting overview of Bob’s guide to palm reading including the history of palmistry, the meaning of the individual lines on your hand, and the symbolism of your hand shape. 
The book jackets designs are about the body of words that represents the infinity truths and layers of palm reading. As palm reading expresses the future through visual forms in hands, the book jackets map the personal future through narratives. Palms adapt and develop visual narratives through the depth and positioning of the lines, similar to how the lines in the books change by being viewed in different angles.