Daniela Lama
I’m an art director and designer born and raised in the heart of Central America, Honduras. I am a Senior at SCAD, and I’m majoring in Advertising and in Graphic Design.
Much like the smiley faces of the ‘70s, and the daisies of the ‘90s, the pineapple has emerged as the icon that has me pretty captivated. I consider myself tough on the outside and sweet in the inside, just like a pineapple. 
Pineapples stand tall. This is what I try to strive to do in many aspects of life. I am an energetic soul, however not your typical chatterbox.  I consider myself endlessly curious about the world and understanding it. I let my curious inner child get the best of me. I love chocolate and logos. In that order. First chocolate, then logos. 
The short version is, Im nice and sweet. I think you will like me.