Robomedica creates high-quality herbal extracts in a way that supports the health of kids. We believe in what nature has built over time, and this belief has shaped who we are and guided every step of how we grow, source and extract our herbs natural remedies. We work to inspire more love for plants and respect for nature and improve the health, happiness, and harmony of all kids. 
The result is the creation of three robots; Combot, Eve, and Sona. Each Robot has his own personality and cures a different sickness. Combot is from planet Ventos, he hates flowers, perfumes, and dust. He fights Sinusitis. Eve is from planet Odacio, she hates the heat, bacteria and the sun. She fights Fevers. Sona is from planet Stormio, she hates spicy food. She combats upset stomach. Each robot with different stories and personalities make the package design perfect forits target audience.