spin: Ride it, like it, love it. 
SPIN, are “dockless,” in that customers can grab one, use it for a quick ride, and then park it just anywhere, all by using a smartphone app. The appeal is simple: cheap, on-demand transportation that can make it easier to get around without a car. The new form of transportation has become popular among tourists and people taking short trips.
The primary objective of the advertising message was to create awareness of a well-built, dependable and versatile urban mobility. SPIN is revolutionizing urban mobility by leading the country in first and last mile transportation solutions. Smaller and more agile than a bike. It’s a convenient mobility option for anyone looking to move around the city in a faster way and requiring less time looking for parking space. 
The campaign promotes embracing motor scooters as an alternative form of transportation to reduce pollution and traffic congestion. The campaign aim is to convince people to take another route, and potentially allow them to bring the e-scooters to the streets.