Visionless museum
An art museum would seem to be no place for the blind. Yet art objects can address all of the senses; sight, touch, hearing, scent, and taste. It can offer an opportunity to reconsider the process of “viewing” or responding to art. Rather than thinking about blindness and sight as polar opposites, the museum encourage us to explore the wide range of optical experiences.
As part of a larger movement, Visionless Museum prompts us to reconsider the practice of looking within the museum, and to imagine new ways of seeing and knowing for all viewers.
The goal of the museum is to create a set of exhibitions that help identify the world through the remaining senses. Interact and communicate by relying on all the other senses. It also helps to generate trust and cope with what feels unknown to us, and what it is like to find orientation while being blind. Visionless museum is a museum created to overcome false sympathy, prejudices, and stereotypes, and to change the mindset of the general public on disability. The museums goal is to increase tolerance and to teach through positive experiences how we can help them and even understand them.